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Gerovital GH3 Gold (100mg pharmaceutical grade procaine hydrochloride per tablet. New formula works up to 300% faster with Procaine infused coating)

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GHG1 - Gerovital GH3 Gold 50 Tablets (1 Month) £28.10
GHG2 - Gerovital GH3 Gold 150 Tablets (3 Months) £49.99
GHG4 - Gerovital GH3 Gold 600 Tablets (1 Year) £99.00
GHG24 - Gerovital GH3 Gold 1200 Tablets (2 Years) £165.50

An Amazing formula

Gerovital GH3 Gold® is a supremely potent formulation containing Procaine Hydrochloride. This synthesis of two B vitamins – PABA and DEAE – protects the vitamins as they pass through the digestive system.

It is unique in delivering incredibly high amounts of anti-oxidant vitamins crucial to your body’s wellbeing. These flood into your cells, overwhelming the free radicals that are the cause of all the signs of ageing.

Gerovital® – the gold standard in GH3 Gerovital GH3 Gold® is a super strength formulation containing no less than 100mg pharmaceutical grade Procaine Hydrochloride per tablet and is correctly buffered and stabilised with the elements so crucial to its efficacy. Aside from the general reported GH3 effect, GH3 Gold ® tablets act as a pro-vitamin; stimulating the body's own production of choline, acetyl-choline, folic acid and other B vitamins.

  • Procaine infused coating means greater absorbability
  • pH controlled delivery system (PHCDS) delivers unprecedented effectiveness
  • Near infra-red raw material batch testing equals outstanding tablet qualityt
  • Unique compounds… naturally occurring in your own body
  • Pro-vitamin action stimulates your body`s own production of important vitamins
  • How do the ingredients of GH3 work?

Procaine: breaks down in the body into its two elements:

PABA – stimulates “good” intestinal flora to produce vitamins B and K and Folic acid.

DEAE – generates choline and acetylcholine, both essential to the effective function of spleen, liver, brain and nerve impulse relays. It also normalises the level of mono-amine oxidise (MAO) in the brain, thereby functioning as an antidepressant.

METABISULPHITE: has a blood cleaning and artery cleaning effects and helps reduce hypertension.

POTASSIUM: stabilises the procaine molecule to extend and reinforce its action on the nervous system.

SODIUM: works primarily as a buffering agent to protect the procaine whilst it works within the body.

BENZOIC ACID/POTASSIUM METABISULPHITE: Stabilises the pH value of GH3 at between 3 and 3.3 (acidulous).

Professor Dr Ana Aslan

Professor Aslan (1893-1988) was an eminent Romanian scientist and the first physician credited with using modern anti-ageing medicine. She founded the world's first Gerontology Institute in Bucharest in 1956, which became the largest and most important geriatric research centre in the world. She went on to receive many international scientific honours and headed health commissions at the UNO and WHO.

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